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Quality pet care products from Europe
Strawberry and Cream aroma
Shampoo "SPECIAL" simplifies the detangling and facilitates the strengthening of the cores due to the surface-active substances and keratin in its composition. As a result the fur becomes soft, easy brushing, strong and solid, which is very important in longhair breeds caring.

For producing we use only the safest and high-quality ingredients. In our products you will not find GMO, paraffins, parabens, donors of formaldehyde and alcohol.

Instruction manual: Brush to remove extra fur and nourish the skin with oxygen. Wet the fur with warm water and put the shampoo avoiding eyes and ears zones (for very sensitive skin dilute the shampoo with water in a basin, it will not affect its effectiveness). Massage gently and leave the shampoo or 2 minutes. Wash off with plenty of water. Dry well and brush.
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"I'm not young any more but I am so happy that my human buys Orgadelic Sensitive shampoo for me. Now I always shine and smell like after a spa at a luxury resort."
"I think I begin to love the bath time! My fur is so soft after it! And if it is cold outside my human uses a magic spray that makes me clean without water! It's a miracle!"
"it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful."
Gentle shampoo "PROTECTIVE Mico" helps to carefully clean the skin if there is mycosis, ticks and surface injuries. The shampoo facilitates the skin recovery and maintaining natural protection from parasites. Gives the softness and pleasant smell to the fur. Suited to all breeds.

Active substances:
Chlorhexidine bigulconate: protects the skin from the spread of micro-organisms. Salicylic acid: calms the skin and helps to regularly remove dead cells. Clembazole: normalizes the skin and prevents mycosis and its spread. Zinc: has anti-bacterial and regulatory effects. Tea tree oil and essential thyme and rosemary oils: purify and maintain skin physiological protective mechanisms

PROTECTIVE Derma 200ml
Special shampoo "PROTECTIVE Derma" is suitable for skin care with irritation, redness, as well as over-peeling. A special mixture of active substances and essential oils helps to maintain the natural health of the skin by preserving the properties of the protective hydrolipid film. It counteracts excessive skin peeling and has a mild soothing effect.

Active substances:
Salicylic acid: calms the skin and helps to regularly remove dead cells. Multifunctional zinc: helps to prevent over-peeling and cleans the skin. Argan oil: saturated with antioxidants, softens, protects the skin and makes it much softer. Essential lavender and lemon oils: clean and soothe the skin

The shampoo "PROTECTIVE Sebo" helps with the itch and excess oily skin of the dog. The composition of the shampoo helps to avoid excessive formation of the sebum and sweat, reduces redness, calms and strengthens the protective properties of the natural hydrolipid film.

Active substances:
Zinc: has anti-bacterial and regulatory effects
Pyrocyton Olamine: helps to prevent excessive skin peeling
Carnation Essential Oil: softens the skin and helps to reduce the excessive sebum production

PROTECTIVE Hydra 200ml
Moisturizing shampoo "PROTECTIVE Hydra" is ideal for the care of dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. It helps restore the water balance of the skin, helps to protect it from dryness and reduces redness. It makes the fur soft and shiny.

Active substances:
Silk proteins: Moisturize, protect and smooth the skin. Argan oil: saturated with antioxidants, nourishes and protects the skin, makes it softer. Vitamin F: protects skin from irritation, nourishes and moisturizes it, makes the fur soft and shiny. Panthenol: moisturizes and softens the skin, gives strength and solidity to the fur. Bisabolol: Effectively soothes even the sensitive and tender skinl.
We help you take care of your most loved ones
Quality pet products from Europe
ORGADELIC offers cosmetics for pet care. Our products are developed taking into account the characteristics of the skin and coat of different breeds, so you will definitely find something that suits your pet.

The homeland of our brand is Slovenia, so we take a responsible approach not only to the content of the product, but also to its external component. ORGADELIC has always been in constant harmony with nature, combining natural recipes with innovative methods, fully in line with the company's philosophy. To meet the needs of each individual client, we collaborate with various research laboratories, both private and university.

ORGADELIC's research team formulates and develops innovative products that are characterized mainly by the use of natural active ingredients, essential oils and phyto-extracts. The choice of raw materials and ingredients when creating our products is one of the key points necessary to create a quality product. All ORGADELIC products are manufactured in Europe using only high quality herbal ingredients. Continuous monitoring guarantees the result of guaranteed reliability in accordance with international standards.

Our mission is to create cosmetic, health care products and supplements that improve the quality of life for pets.

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